TipTop Media prevent tapes from ending up in landfill

Posted on June 6th, 2024 in Harlow Business Case Study

TipTop Media moved from Enfield to their new home in Harlow in late 2022 to benefit from Harlow’s great location and affordable prices. They provide secure services for tape and film storage, document storage, scanning as well as secure document shredding and environmentally friendly media recycling

With the advance of digital technology, media such as VHS tapes, Audio cassettes, CDs and even DVDs are becoming redundant, and many people are looking for ways to get rid of them. However, the plastic film inside your VHS or Cassette tape referred to as ‘Mylar’ is coated in hazardous chemicals that if sent to landfill will slowly degrade and release toxins that are damaging to the environment, whilst the plastic itself can take thousands of years to decompose, rendering the soil hazardous.

This inability to dispose of media safely in the local area led to TipTop Media’s eco-friendly solution of using Energy from Waste(EFW) technology to utilize the media of the past to fuel the present. TipTop Media collect tapes from their customers and transport them to a regulated EFW incinerator. The energy generated from the incineration process goes towards powering the plant itself, with the excess energy exported into the local grid and the remaining ashes from the incineration process are used in road aggregates.

Furthermore, TipTop Media endeavor to ensure that they offset any pollution they omit as a company. They do this by evaluating their carbon footprint yearly and creating an environmental management system to address their carbon footprint. An example is their organization of delivery routes to ensure they reduce the amount of driving they do. This has led TipTop Media to become carbon neutral and Green Business Certified through their contributions to tree planting. For further information on TipTop Media and their services, click here.