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Harlow’s businesses have been steadily growing in number and the town is now home to every business type from large scale multinational to micro and start-up businesses.

Harlow has a strong manufacturing legacy from its new town days but the economy has now diversified and also offers sector strengths in health and life sciences, ICT/Digital, logistics, retail and creative industries. Harlow is celebrated as the birthplace of fibre optics telecommunications technology, laying the groundwork for all modern communication and the evolution of the internet. That legacy continues on the site of this ground-breaking invention, where Kao Data operate a leading edge data centres which is home to the UK’s most powerful super computer NVIDIA Cambridge-1.

Harlow is 4 times above the national average as a sector strong area for life sciences

Essex Sector Development Strategy, Essex County Council, 2022

Harlow’s Key Sectors

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Case Study

KGK Genix

Harlow company embracing innovation to become more sustainable and recognised as ‘carbon neutral plus’

KGK Genix are a full-service, creative, large format print production company based in Harlow, who have pivoted their company to become the leaders in sustainability in their industry. They are recognised as ‘Carbon Neutral Plus’ and have a green alternative for every material that they offer.

KGK Genix specialise in designing and producing large format print displays, such as campaign brand activations for the retail sector and events and exhibition displays. They have embraced sustainability by researching and developing their own exclusive range of Eco-friendly print solutions and materials.  This includes eco solutions for all kinds of visual activation, including interior branding and signage, retail campaign displays and event graphics. Their eco-range boasts a range of materials that can be reused, repurposed, and ultimately recycled.

For KGK Genix, embracing being more sustainable also makes good financial sense. For instance, Graham Pitts, Group Managing Director of KGK Genix commented on the installation of new equipment: “For us a recently installed new printing machine uses 75% less electricity than the one it replaced – that’s a considerable saving and contributed to being more sustainable”.

KGK Genix are also supporting the local community through recycling. Recently they have introduced an upcycling scheme in partnership with local secondary schools and colleges. The scheme supplies waste off-cut materials that can be repurposed and upcycled, reducing waste, and supporting local education facilities. Find out more about KGK Genix eco friendly initiatives here.

Case Study

Snootie Studios

Based at Parndon Mill Studios Harlow

Snootie Studios is a multidisciplinary studio which champions collaboration and experimentation, whilst trying to push the expectations of design. Working with Clients such as The Barbican, Mind and University of the Arts London to design outcomes that have a sense of place and are socially motivated.

Within Harlow and locally, they work with lots of small to medium enterprises, setting them up with design work to start their business ventures. Outside of Harlow, they work with lots of education institutions and brands to create focussed pieces of design for their causes.

The team are from Harlow, and very inspired by the new town story. “Harlow offered our grandparents an escape from post-war London, and gave them the opportunity to grow and learn, with a house, a job, and a huge public sculpture collection of world-class fine art. We want to revive that optimism that the town had, by promoting pride within the town and starting our business here. The creative industries in London are slowly seeping further out of the city, and it’s only a matter of time until it reaches Harlow”.

The Snootie Studios team believe there’s a lot more opportunity to start a business in Harlow due it’s small but powerful communities, giving you a chance to make more of an impact than in a larger city.

Case Study

Elite Express Logistics

Nick Eva, Director of Elite Express Logistics

Elite Express Logistics are a same day express courier company based in Harlow, also offering a storage facility and transportation. They ensure safe delivery and storage of lighting, bespoke furniture, pieces for exhibitions and so much more.

Elite Express started business in Chelmsford, but within eight months moved to Harlow. They have worked in Harlow for the last five and a half years and have built a good loyal customer base. They believe Harlow as a town generates a lot of business and seems to be a place where things are happening.

Their new larger offices include a storage facility at the Harlow Business centre. They work with various local businesses including a company that supplies aircraft parts. Year on year they are looking to increase the number of vehicles and services on offer.

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